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You've found your clarity, you've created an exciting, elevated and commercial vision; now it's time to bring that to life. How do you make sure that the brand identity you commision lives up to the potential of your vision? How do you make sure it does your ambition for your business justice and supports your commercial objectives? Creative Direction is the final instalment in the how to style your brand series and the essential course to make sure that your brand identity is everything it deserves to be and more.

"I love these courses and recommend them wholeheartedly"

Megan Jerome, Singer-Songwriter

Bring creativity and brilliance to your brand

Be your own Creative Director

There's a real art to commissioning a brand identity that will win you work and taking on a brilliant designer is only part of the story. As a Creative Director you have the power to lift your brand, inspire the people you work with and create something magical for your audience. To do this you need to know what makes exceptional design, know how to work effectively with those creatives to deliver it and how to ensure that it gets pulled through every aspect of your business. In short, being a brilliant Creative Director puts you firmly in the driving seat for the impact your brand creates. That's what this course is here to do for you.

What's included

A comprehensive course that'll enable you to commission your brand identity with confidence

  • 16 in-depth presentations

    Concise, insightful and engaging presentations are the backbone of all courses in The Brand Stylist Academy and enable you to really get to grips with subtle nuances of branding in the most powerful way.

  • 4 insightful and engaging video lessons

    Professionally produced in depth interviews, informative insights and a couple of live reveals of brand identity reviews as they happen will give you the perspective to really creatively direct your brand with confidence.

  • 7 interactive exercises and downloadable worksheets

    Downloadable worksheets walk you through the most challenging decision making processes throughout this journey whilst interactive quizzes give you the power to know you've mastered the knowledge you need to make the most of this opportunity.

  • 23 easy to digest text based lessons

    Sometimes things are just best communicated through the written word. Engagingly written and illustrated with gorgeous photography, these lessons will give you the perspective and context you need to nail this.

  • 5 commonly asked questions demystified

    Answers to the most commonly asked branding questions: from whether you should use an agency or freelancer, whether it's ok to use a pre-made logo and the million dollar question: what happens if you're not thrilled with the work and what to do about it.

The essential course for entrepreneurs serious about achieving success for their business

Creative Direction might not be top of your list, but it should be if you want to realise the potential within your brand. You've come so far, you've worked so hard, don't drop the ball now. Let's give this the flair and attention your business deserves.

Course curriculum

Take a look at the detail of what's included

  • 1


    • Welcome to Creative Direction

    • Be a brilliant Creative Director for your own brand.

    • The Creative Direction Framework

    • Getting the Most out of this Course

    • Copyright and Playing Fair

  • 2

    Be a Brilliant Creative Director

    • Being a Brilliant Creative Director: The essential skills and know-how

    • Art Direction vs Creative Direction

    • Developing Confidence as a Creative Director

    • Intentional Design: The new buzzword in branding and what it means for you

  • 3

    Finding an Incredible Brand Designer: The Process

    • Welcome to Finding an Incredible Designer

    • How to Find a Brilliant Brand Designer

    • Spotting Great Quality Work

    • Spotting a Great Website

    • Spotting a Great Portfolio

    • Interactive Quiz: Spotting Great Quality Work

  • 4

    Focus on the Vision

    • Welcome to Focus on the Vision

    • Creating your Guiding Focus

    • Download: Your guiding focus

    • The Importance of an Elevated Vision

  • 5

    Commissioning Great Brand Design with Confidence

    • Finding your Brand Designer

    • Interactive Quiz: Spotting the right style of work

    • Exercise: Shortlisting Possible Contenders

    • How to Prepare for your First Meeting with a Prospective Designer

    • Exercise: Evaluating your options

    • The Directory: 40 Brilliant Brand Designers

  • 6


    • Graphic Designer or Brand Stylist - Which one do I need?

    • What a rebrand costs and where to invest your money

    • Agency or Freelancer?

    • Is it ever ok to use an off-the-shelf or pre-made logo?

    • Warning signs: 7 signs your designer isn't a good fit for you

  • 7

    Working Productively with your Brand Designer

    • Welcome to Working Productively with your Designer

    • How to Demotivate your Designer and Other Stories...

    • Maintaining a Great Relationship with your Designer - My absolute essentials

    • Briefing your Designer: what they need to know

  • 8

    Reviewing the Creative Work

    • Welcome to Reviewing Creative Work

    • Reviewing the Creative Vision

    • How to Review Creative Work with Confidence

    • Reviewing Creative Work: An Objective and Effective Process

    • What to Do when you're Not Thrilled

    • The Elevate Icon: A live reveal

    • Giving effective and inspirational feedback

    • Feedback Example: The Fiona Humberstone Brand

  • 9

    Reviewing Creative Work: Case Studies

    • The Brand Stylist Rebrand

    • The Diane James Home Website and Brand Identity

    • Gray's Farm Packaging and Brand Identity

    • Wild Myth Brand Identity and Packaging

    • Smith & Munson Brand Identity

  • 10

    Seeing your Vision Through

    • Upholding your Brand Identity with Flair

    • Rolling Out your Brand

    • Getting Strategic with your Imagery

    • A Website to Wow

    • The Website Watchlist

    • Positioning your New Identity with your Audience

    • You Made It!

  • 11

    The Creative Direction Website Reviews

    • Acre of Roses Website Review

    • Bella Visione Website Review

    • Mae Branding Website Review

These are rich courses that feed my artistry and teach me about entrepreneurship in equal measure. I just can't say enough about them and I can't recommend them highly enough!

Megan Jerome, Singer-Songwriter

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What Creative Direction students are saying

5 star rating

Another Amazing Offering! A perfect complement!

Megan Jerome

Honestly I have to confess that I am always a tiny bit sad when I get to the end of one of Fiona's courses. I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH!! I am a HUGE fan of Fiona's teaching. I love her aesthetic, I love her teaching style, I love these cour...

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Honestly I have to confess that I am always a tiny bit sad when I get to the end of one of Fiona's courses. I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH!! I am a HUGE fan of Fiona's teaching. I love her aesthetic, I love her teaching style, I love these courses and I recommend them whole-heartedly. Fiona has become one of those teachers for me in the category of: if you're teaching it, I'm taking it. I feel like I could watch each course again and again and benefit more and more every time. And that's exactly how I use Fiona's resources now, years after I found them initially. I review them, to tweak, to refine, to continue to grow. Together, Fiona's courses have help me get right to the heart of what I have to offer audiences, and then they teach me how to communicate exactly that to the very people who will enjoy what I'm offering. It's a total win, every time. What makes this hard for a musician, for any creator I imagine, is that in order to make what you make in the first place you have spent so so long focusing inward, honing your creative voice, that it is really challenging to talk about your work. But Fiona helps you ask the questions of yourself, of others, that lead you to a really clear understanding of who you are, of what magic you bring (yes, YOU! YOU bring magic!), and she then leads you to express that to others in a way that inspires, connects and elevates! THE WHOLE PROCESS IS SO FUN! Inspire, educate, clarify connect - at the heart of Fiona's teaching is inspiration, creativity, connection - the benefit of being able to better express what my music is about from the audience's perspective is such a win for communication, for community, for connection. These are rich courses that feed my artistry and teach me about entrepreneurship in equal measure. I just can't say enough about them and I can't recommend them highly enough! My artistry comes from a desire for self-expression. My performing life comes from a desire to connect. It's pure gold for me to find someone who is able to combine these paths in a way that helps me make it clearer and clearer to communicate how my music will feel, how a concert will feel. And the more I learn, the closer I get to the heart of what I'm doing, and the better I am able to reach the people who will enjoy my music and as a result, I continue to grow that community from a very genuine place. Thank you, again, Fiona!

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The Style your Brand Trilogy

Creative Direction is the final instalment in the Style your Brand trilogy. Brand Clarity gets you clear on your messaging, Brand Vision gives you the tools and know-how to create an intentional and elevated commercial vision. Creative Direction gives you the power to see it through in style. Invest in the set and save up to £325

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