'The Brand Stylist Academy has been my own personal Master's Degree in Branding and Design. I've been going through the classes and seminars for nearly a year now and find myself returning again and again to reference something or simply get inspired all over again. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you Fiona!'

Nancy Larson

This is mesmerising... I could watch it on loop and each time I could find one more piece of good advice or another source of inspiration

Militza Ortiz, Jewellery Designer

brand your business with confidence

No matter how experienced an entrepreneur you are, branding your business can be hard. So many decisions to make, so many questions to answer, so much at stake... It can get overwhelming for the best of us. 

The courses you'll find in The Brand Stylist Academy are designed to empower you to make the very best decisions possible about how you brand your business and move forwards with clarity and confidence. 

From dazzling clarity that'll form the bedrock of your brand, through naming, colour psychology, to creating an unshakeable brand vision and beyond, I'll lead you through each process step by step. 

I want to give you the know-how, the perspective and the confidence to create an incredible brand which will make doing business so much easier. 

My approach is about helping you make smart, intentional choices about the way your brand comes across which in turn makes for a more successful, sustainable and inspirational way of doing business. What's not to love?  

"I had been needing to revise my brand for quite a long time and this course gave me the exact tools I needed. Simple, yet deep, it allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and really think about the steps I want to take forward, being able to dream and really feel like I can carry through to turn my vision into a reality."

Eva Medalla, Brand Strategist

"I am so excited about what I've created!! This looks like me, this feels like me, this is what I wanted to be able to achieve. I am so excited for what this crystal clear foundation and concrete skill will bring to my artistic career in the coming months!"

Megan Jerome, Singer-Songwriter

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Structured content and creative exercises that'll get you away from your screen and thinking more clearly

If you've read any of my books you'll know that I work really hard to make sure that my offerings deliver on brief, with bells on. We pour so much thought, energy and consideration into these courses to ensure that you get the very best result from each class. The reviews speak for themselves!

Creative, inspirational and uplifting branding courses

Online classes to elevate your brand

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Self-paced courses with lifetime access

Start, pause, resume and return as often as you choose

You know how it is, when you're about to embark on a branding project, you kind of need this info right now, so you'll find that almost all of the courses within the academy are self-paced. Begin your journey today and work through the courses as your schedule allows. You can revisit the content as often as you choose, which is handy as you'll want to run many of these tried and tested processes time and again as your business evolves.

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