Copyright and Playing Fair

Online courses are a core part of my business model and I invest a lot in the production of them; both in terms of the visual side of things but also the structure. A course will never go live until we are confident that it's been robustly and carefully crafted and we work hard to create a programme that is as effective as it is inspiring.

  • Respect the work that has gone in to crafting this


    All of the content I create is drawn from twenty years of work within this industry and is, of course, unique to me. In putting my process 'out there', my aim is to help and inspire you. It does not mean that I'm giving permission for this to be reproduced. Whilst I know that the vast majority of you know this, sadly, there are a small minority of people out there who repurpose or reproduce my content. To be clear: no part of this course or the marketing materials may be reproduced or shared without written permission in advance. These courses are protected by Copyright.

  • Your enrolment gives you lifetime access for one user


    These courses are incredibly fairly priced and offer immense value for money. Your enrolment fee includes lifetime access and you may revisit the content as often as you like but you may not share your login with a friend or colleague.

Privacy & Data

I take your privacy seriously.

  • Why we keep data


    Your data is held in the Thinkific database for the purposes of providing you with a streamlined login experience. You can amend your profile at any time using your thinkific login and updating your User Profile.

  • The mailing list


    Anyone who purchases any of my courses or enrols in a free seminar is automatically welcomed into The Brand Stylist Community. You can of course unsubscribe easily at any time.

  • I will never sell or share your data


    I will never, ever, sell or share your data.


Each investment you make in a course gives lifetime access

  • Courses are non refundable


    In line with the overwhelming majority of digital offerings, courses in The Brand Stylist Academy are non-refundable. I take a lot of pride in the quality of my courses and also in providing clear content upfront to allow students to make an informed choice. I've delivered more than 1,000 courses to students and have never once been asked to refund a course, but do take a look at the reviews for each as that's where I'll publish student feedback - warts and all!

  • Instalment Plans


    Where I'm able to split out the content at a sensible point, I've offered instalment plans. The content is drip fed in line with your payment schedule.

  • Non Payment on Instalment Plans


    The instalment payment schedule is automatically set up on checkout and it is your responsibility to make sure that you have funds in place to honour your payments. If the payment fails, our system will email you and try again after a set number of days. They will try this once more and after that, your payment schedule will be cancelled. At this point access to the course will be revoked entirely until payment is made.