Which course should I start with?

Great question! Wherever you're at, start with Brand Clarity which will support you to think more strategically. This course will not only get you prepared for all the decisions you'll need to make, it will also get you thinking about the potential within your brand and where you want to take your business, enabling you to elevate with intention.

Which route should I take through The Academy?

Design, branding and creativity are fundamental to running a successful business and are something I'm utterly passionate about! What we've aimed to do with the academy is to produce a range of courses that will support you as you grow and enable you to move forwards with confidence. I've arranged the courses in the order you'd take them if you were starting a business from scratch, so Brand Clarity first, then Brand Vision and so on. I've outlined a few potential alternative scenarios below I do genuinely feel that there is much to be gained from you taking each class in the Academy over time. Each are designed to complement each other so over time you will build your know how and elevate your brand in the process.

Where to begin?

  • I'm about to launch a new business

    Hurrah! I love this time - isn't it just so inspiring? And I get it, it's slightly terrifying too... If you look at the 'all courses' page you'll find that I've sorted the courses in the order that I think is most logical for those of you starting or rebranding a business. Start with Brand Clarity, you need to get this solid bedrock in place before you move forwards with the visuals, or even the name. Once you've completed Brand Clarity, move on to Brand Vision and then if needs be, the Naming Masterclass. Creative Direction will be launching soon - so take that next followed by Design for Go-Getters. Colour for Creatives will put everything you've learned into perspective so fit that one in as and when you feel inspired - after Brand Vision can be a good place. Most of all, enjoy, and good luck!

  • I'm happy with my logo but I want to elevate my brand

    Gold star to you for recognising that great branding is about way more than a breathtaking brand identity! I have a few suggestions for you. First up, if you've got this far, you'll have probably taken Brand Clarity and Brand Vision. If not, I'd heartily encourage you to explore those courses first because they set the foundations for elevating your brand and will give you the essential insights and perspectives into how and why your designer has created what they have so that you can uphold your identity and continue to elevate your brand. Design for Go-Getters is a course that stands alone, so excited to just get stuck in, go for it! Now you have a gorgeous new look, let's make sure it's making the right impact at every level. Learn how to design and you'll keep your brand designer (and your business) very happy.

  • I'm about to embark on a rebrand

    How exciting! You'll definitely want to start with Brand Clarity which will enable you to take stock of all of the best bits of your business and those areas which are taking you off track so that you can move forwards with confidence. Brand Vision is the next logical step after that.

  • I'm a brand designer and I want to up my game

    Wonderful! I have a real passion for helping designers create more intentional, elevated work and I know there's plenty in the academy to help you. The ultimate offering will be Elevate, my six week mentoring programme, but that's only available at certain times of the year. In the meantime, take a look at Colour for Creatives and Brand Vision I think you will love them!

  • I'd like to become a brand designer, where do I start?

    I'm so glad you're here! I'd love to help you on your journey. You'll find each of my courses will help you in different ways and I'd recommend that you start with Design for Go Getters which will give you the fundamentals of great design. Colour for Creatives is invaluable and Brand Vision will help you use design in a more intentional way. As a brand designer, it's essential you bring your own vision and aesthetic to the party, so alongside my classes do make sure that you soak up as much inspiration as possible so that you can find your own unique design voice.

Frequently Asked Questions

The practicalities

  • When do your courses start?

    Whenever you choose! All of the online courses are designed to be completely self paced which means that you can work through at a pace that suits you. You can start, stop, pause and resume as and when your time and business needs require.

  • Are you on hand to answer questions if I get stuck?

    No, but I design each course very carefully to ensure that you won't need to. I pour a huge amount of time and resources into each online course to make sure that they deliver on brief for you. Follow each lesson carefully, implement the exercises, give yourself time to reflect, dream and visualise and you'll find that you will achieve great things.

  • Do I need to be available for webinars or anything?

    No, not at all. These are completely self paced courses and you can work through in a schedule that suits you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for me?

  • How are the courses taught?

    Great question! There's a common misconception that online courses *should* be video based. I don't buy that. When creating my classes I put a lot of thought into creating a very clear outcome for the class and delivering a syllabus that will get my participants to that outcome in the most efficient, inspiring and productive way possible. I work closely with an educational consultant to plan my content and you'll find that I use a mixture of narrated presentations, written content, downloads, quizzes and video content where appropriate. Whilst the emphasis in my classes is very much on inspiration, ultimately I'm mindful that you are investing in my classes to get results. The students who return time and again to new classes do so because they trust my approach and enjoy the process.

  • I like to learn via video lessons, will your courses be ok for me?

    When structuring each course I think carefully about how best to get my students from their unique starting points to the common end goal in the most effective and uplifting way. In my experience, video is not usually the best way to deliver the nuances of the content I cover or really embed the process. If you only like to learn via video, this won't be for you. If you are serious about creating an incredible brand, welcome to the Academy! I have a feeling you are going to love it.

  • Is this going to be hard work?

    I've put loads of effort into making the courses uplifting, inspiring and energising for you and there's some seriously heavyweight content that we can make light work of. The honest truth is that there is no shortcut to branding your business well. There's no one size fits all formula. No magic bullet that can do the thinking for you. Creating a destination brand requires effort on your part, and that means that as well as learning new things, you need to undertake exercises, think creatively, brainstorm and let your ideas run wild.

  • Can I get a refund if this isn't for me?

    No, thank you for asking. Due to their digital nature, all classes in the academy are non refundable. Please look at the course curriculum for each class before enrolling and if you're at all unsure, email me prior to signing up. The course reviews will give you a good indication of the value I provide, and if you take a look at the Reviews page you'll see all of the reviews for that course, including any (rare) negative ones so that you can make an informed choice. I have absolute confidence that if you work through each lesson you'll get tons of value for money and the outcome you need.