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Single Swan

sought after branding seminars jam-packed with insight, inspiration and expert guidance to help you build an elevated and resilient brand

rich with information and energy to move your brand forwards in style

Created to inspire, inform and energise us all during the 2020 lockdown period, these 75 minute seminars are packed with timeless knowledge, insights and practical and actionable tips that will endure well into the decade ahead. Each session will give you the insights and motivation you need to move your brand forwards, whatever the economy throws at us!

"Your seminars have been great value, incredibly inspiring and welcomed respite from the craziness."

Karen Schwarzenbock

What's included?

All nine recordings and the live chat transcript from the original Stay Home Seminar Series are included. Each fortnight we took a fresh look at a topic fundamental to building a resilient and sustainable brand. This series collates each of those seminars into one place.

  • Colour Psychology

    An exciting insight into this fascinating and game-changing philosophy. We look at how to create a feeling and an impact using this powerful framework.

  • How to Create a Brilliant Brand

    Discover what it takes to create a powerful brand that wins you work. This 75 minute session provides an important overview of the brand styling process before we dive into the details that will empower you to elevate your brand.

  • The Brand Clarity Seminar

    The foundation of a brilliant brand and something that’s at the heart of communicating with flair. Please note that this is NOT the full online course of a similar name but a fresh approach to a challenging topic.

  • Design Insights

    If you want your clients to see your business and your work in the way you intend, you need to know how to design. In this 75 minute seminar I'll give you scores of insights into how you can make your design look great, whatever software you’re using. Essential viewing!

  • Identifying your Creative Style

    If there’s one thing that will make your creative work more sustainable, rewarding and profitable, it’s defining a clear creative style. This is something so many of us find challenging but it’s the key to creating a resilient and sustainable brand. In this seminar I’ll give you some insights into how you can identify your creative style and why it matters.

  • Creating a Powerful Media Kit

    Media kits have the power to effortlessly transform your sales process and streamline your inbox massively. Discover the principles of creating one that will showcase the value in what you do, politely filter out those people who aren’t a good fit and get your ideal clients ready to invest.

  • Elevating your Website

    ‘Update website’ is rarely off the list of an entrepreneur and it’s never been more important than now. Discover the simple steps you can take to refine and elevate your website, ready to rebuild your business from a solid foundation.

  • How to Create a Destination Brand

    Create a destination brand and magical things will happen. You'll be able to pick and choose the work you take on, charge what you're worth and run your business on your terms. In this seminar we'll explore how you can create a destination brand that has people crossing continents to work with you.

  • Creating a Luxury Brand Identity

    For many of us, building a luxury brand is a hugely exciting goal. In this inspirational and informative 75 minute session we'll explore what it takes to create a brand identity that oozes luxury. We'll look at the hallmarks of designing a luxury brand identity, the details to pay attention to and showcase plenty of inspiration from those doing this really well.

"I've learned so much. They were like mini-courses."

Rukmini Patel

"Great seminar! I'm learning so much from you"

Shea Bailey

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"Learning directly from you has had a huge impact on my mindset as I 'pivot' into a new venture"

Rachel Headley

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do I have to work through these seminars?

    Your investment includes lifetime access, so you can work through them at your own pace, revisit any that you'd like and start at a time that suits you.

  • Do you include downloads or worksheets in these courses?

    No, these are seminars, rather than courses and are packed with knowledge, experience and actionable insights that you can use to elevate your brand. If you are looking for an online course experience, with a guided process and plenty of exercises, do take a look at any of the courses in the Academy.

  • Can I get a bursary place?

    No, thank you for asking. Bursary places were gifted to those entrepreneurs who had been hardest hit by Covid 19 throughout lockdown for the live sessions. I'm thrilled to say that in total, more than £93,000 worth of bursary places have been given to those businesses most in need and I'm excited to see the impact of this legacy as we rebuild our businesses.

"You're offering to the world so much more than a brilliantly designed brand! You have been offering normalcy, hope, inspiration and the human element of creating through crises which honestly goes far above and beyond anything expected when signing up for a branding seminar.

Cynthia Harp