"Your seminars have been amazing. Incredible value and welcomed respite from the craziness."

Karina Schwarzenbock

How to create an artisan brand identity

An informative and enlightening seminar for entrepreneurs and brand designers who want to create the right impact

If you create handmade or handcrafted products, or you design brand identities or websites for people who do, you need to understand how to craft a brand identity that feels artisanal: elevated, bespoke, handcrafted and authentic, without having to say it. Following on from the hugely popular 'luxury' brand seminar, in this session we look at things from a more understated angle. Perfect for those of you keen to discover what it takes to create a brand that looks and feels artisanal and also gain the heads up on what to avoid if you want to create a cohesive and compelling identity in this space.

An informative & uplifting seminar packed with insights, new perspectives and a wealth of experience

In this 75 minute session you'll discover

  • What ‘artisan’ really means and whether it’s right for your brand

    When it comes to creating a brand identity that will cut through the noise, getting your focus right is everything. We’ll explore what artisan really means as well as some exciting alternatives to ensure you’re sending out a message that really serves you.

  • How to subconsciously communicate your artisan values

    If you need to tell people your products are artisan, your brand isn’t doing its job. All of the elements you or your designer chooses for your brand identity can send out a powerful signal that will either resonate with or repel your idea client. Let’s make sure you’re getting the result you want!

  • The details that will undermine your authenticity in this space

    There are plenty of signifiers that will add to or detract from your artisan messaging and as a brand identity designer or entrepreneur it’s essential you understand what these elements are so that you make sure your work sends out the signals you’d like.

"I absolutely loved this seminar – it was utterly brilliant and I think probably my favourite to date. You were on fire! Great content beautifully delivered, and the examples you used made it so easy to see how transformational this can be."

Sarah Hobbs, Hoskin Hobbs

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