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Karina Schwarzenbock

How to review creative work with confidence

Working with the right designer is only part of the story...

If you’re about to embark on a branding project, or perhaps are mid-rebrand right now, you have an incredible opportunity to create something exciting, distinctive and compelling. Something that will set your business apart, resonate with your ideal clients and help you move your business forwards. Working with the right designer is only part of the story. If you’re serious about getting the most out of your branding project, you need to know how to confidently review creative work. What should you be looking for? How do you know whether what your designer has created is ‘right’? And how do you avoid overwhelm and total magpie syndrome and risk throwing the whole thing off track! In this seminar I’ll walk you through my process for reviewing creative work as well as giving you plenty of examples from previous projects to show you exactly what I’d be looking for if we were working on your project together.

An informative & uplifting seminar packed with insights, new perspectives and a wealth of experience

In this 75 minute session you'll discover

  • What to look for when you receive your brand identity design

    Your gut instinct counts for a lot, but when you're looking to create a brand identity that wins you work, you need to bring a little more process and perspective to the party. I'll show you what to focus on.

  • How to  know whether your brand identity is right for your business

    Looking cool, elevated, contemporary, great for Instagram is one thing (and there’s a lot to be said for that!). Having something that also works for your business at a commercial level is quite another. Your brand identity doesn’t just need to look good, it needs to say the right things about your business. In this seminar we’ll explore how.

  • How to stay on message and avoid magpie syndrome

    With something as big as a brand identity, it's natural to feel as though you need to keep tinkering, to keep throwing a few more things 'into the mix' and to push for more. Sometimes, this can be a great thing, other times it can result in throwing the whole thing off track and alienating your designer in the process. We'll explore how to keep your focus whilst encouraging excellence.

"I absolutely loved this seminar – it was utterly brilliant and I think probably my favourite to date. You were on fire! Great content beautifully delivered, and the examples you used made it so easy to see how transformational this can be."

Sarah Hobbs, Hoskin Hobbs

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