Create an incredible name for your next project

Naming is one of those tasks that so many of us find really hard. The stakes are high, expectations rocket and the fear of getting it wrong can be paralysing. 

I've been creating names for companies for more than a decade now, and what I know is that with the right focus, inspiration and know-how, you can create a powerful name in hours - often moments.

Naming doesn't need to be the big behemoth of a task we often build it up to be. You don't need to stall on launching your business, hold up your rebrand or feel underwhelmed you 'settled' on something, just because you couldn't think of anything better.

Gain confidence, clarity and inspiration

create a name that'll last

Whether you're renaming an existing company, launching a new brand or have a product, workshop or online course in mind, this concise and highly effective masterclass will walk you through the process of developing a brilliant name from start to finish. It'll help you find your clarity, guide you through inventing a whole selection a fabulous names through an inspirational brainstorming process, and help you make congruent choices you'll be proud to stand behind in years to come.

A creative, inspirational and instinctive process

The Naming Masterclass is the first in what I hope to be a series of short courses in some of the elements you tell me you find most challenging when it comes to branding. The idea is that these concise classes are highly-focused on a specific outcome. 

You'll find these quite different to some of my longer-form online courses, which are designed to immerse you in a subject and really broaden your skillset. Here, I've deliberately kept this class short, highly effective and light on content.

When you're on the cusp of launching something new, time is of the essence. It's often the name that holds everything up and I want this to be the catalyst for you moving your business forwards. So here we concentrate very much on getting to the right solution for you, in the most efficient manner. End to end, the videos and tutorials will take you around a day to work through. But you'll also need to give yourself space and time to digest.

With the right conditions, you can absolutely have a brilliant name for your project well within a week or two. So let's get stuck in and enjoy the process!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome
    • Aims for the masterclass
    • Getting the most from the masterclass
    • What will the right name do for your business?
    • What makes a great name?
  • 2
    Finding your Focus
    • What's the big idea?
    • How should your business look and feel?
    • Thinking ahead
  • 3
    Renaming an Existing Business
    • The 'risk' of renaming
    • Should I rename my business? A sense-check
  • 4
    Naming Products and Services
    • Naming your products and services: What to think about
    • Contriving a name
  • 5
    Exploring your Options
    • The art of brainstorming
    • Developing brilliant options
    • Using your own name
  • 6
    Making confident choices
    • Evaluating your options
    • Rationalising your choices
    • Maintaining your credibility
    • Naming and colour psychology
    • Naming: the practicalities
    • Taglines, straplines and descriptors
  • 7
    Well Done!
    • You made it!
    • I've settled on a name what next?
    • Hold the vision. trust the process
    • The view from the top

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Work through the class at your own pace, revisit the content as many times as you choose.

The Naming Masterclass: reviews

  • Style and Content!

    Becky Kilsby

    This was both a pleasurable experience and a great learning journey. While I was most interested in developing a wonderful name for a new product, I found the opportunity to re-visit my whole brand an enlightening experience. Fiona is eloquent and...

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    This was both a pleasurable experience and a great learning journey. While I was most interested in developing a wonderful name for a new product, I found the opportunity to re-visit my whole brand