Imagine having the confidence to know that everything you create in house: from your proposals and price lists to your Instagram graphics and client presentations, look as great as they possibly can. What could that do for your business?

Design for Go-Getters will give you the tools and the confidence to create beautiful designs that you can be proud of. It'll give you the ability to create the impact your message deserves, create credibility and desire and charge what you're worth.

I passionately believe that everyone has the power to learn to design, and in this course, I'll show you how.

Create work that does your brand proud

Demonstrate your expertise

This course picks up on where you leave off with your designer and will show you how to implement your gorgeous brand identity day to day. You might say it's about being able to create smart, professional, on-brand designs. But I think it's about more than that. Great design is at the heart of every successful business. It'll help you build value in your offering, demonstrate your expertise and ensure that your clients see your business, and your work, in the way you intend. It's about treasuring your clients. It's part of charging what you're worth. And it's totally within your reach.

Discover how to create gorgeous design

No special software needed

In this creative and inspirational online course I'll show you how to create beautiful, polished and professional pieces of communication that create the right impact for your brand. We'll explore how to apply the rules of graphic design to each and every piece you create so that you can apply what you learn to whatever programme you’re most comfortable in: Canva, Powerpoint, Microsoft Word- anything! Once you understand the rules of design you can make them work for you with whatever you have to hand.

Transform the way you communicate with your clients

Enrol in Design for Go-Getters today and discover the tools and techniques you can use to create work that does your brand proud, each and every time. Through a series of narrated presentations, before and after transformations and interactive assignments, you’ll discover just how easy it is to create gorgeous work with whatever tools you have to hand.
Transform the way you communicate with your clients

What you'll gain

An inspirational, creative an empowering design course for entrepreneurs.

  • A clear understanding of the principles of g